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SAP Offerings

We Develop and Staff SAP "Ready Steady State" Engagement Support Models

We Provide SAP module Specific Task Force Teams for Stabilization and System Improvement

We Develop Integrations between SAP and non SAP


The Implementation and Evolution of SAP follows A Predictable Pattern in terms of Organizational Demands.

(a) It all begins with Planning Fit Gap  and Benefit Analysis, followed by a quick Ramp-up to required Project Staffing Levels

(b) This is followed by the most expensive, resource intensive  and lengthy portion of the life-cycle – Project Implementation. This can typically take from 18 - 24 months.

(c) After “Go-Live” there is always a “ramp-down” where the system is stabilized and crises intervention becomes the norm as the organization strives for normalcy or “steady state” If Implementation is the costliest part of the life cycle, this transition and stabilization period is the riskiest to business continuity.




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